Hello, my name is
Yasufumi Saito.




Latest Works

Municipal Economy in Japan

  1. Data Visualization Map

  2. Mapped the economic indices for 1741 municipalities

  3. D3.js, MapboxGL.js, GeoJSON, QGIS

How Japanese spent money?

  1. Data Visualization

  2. illustrated how personal consumption changed over the past 35 years

  3. D3.js, jQuery

Empty Houses

  1. Data Visualization Map

  2. Mapped the rates of vacant houses, which rose recently

  3. D3.js, TopoJSON, jQuery, d3-legend

Virtual Reality Data Vis

  1. Bar Chart in Web VR

  2. Tried to see how things play out. Use Google Cardboard

  3. A-Frame, D3.js

Made in Chicago

  1. Interactive Stories

  2. Produced and coded the splash page, this and that

  3. Bootstrap, jQuery, D3.js, parallax.js

10 Things to Know about GDP

  1. Data and Charts Story

  2. Analized the U.S. GDP by making 10 charts to explain

  3. Datawrapper

KnowMo (Know More!)

  1. News Gamification Project

  2. Designed two news game mockups, and deployed the website

  3. Illustrator, Bootstrap, InVision

Besides visual stuff, I wrote some business stories for Bloomberg, and did numerous local reporting for a Japanese daily.

About Me

I'm from Japan and spent most of my time there until recently. live in NYC now.

Used to work for a Japanese local daily as a reporter for almost seven years.

When the New York Times published "Snow Fall" in December, 2012,

I decided to change my career from print to digital.

To make the transition smooth, I went to Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Learned web skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

and some Economy stuff.

I believe journalists can be wizards with coding.

Stories can be more immersive, interactive and entertaining as people want.

Standing on a sweet spot where journalism and web technology intersect, I want to be one of those who create its future.

Yasufumi Saito © 2016